Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moo-worthy cuteness.

As I may have previously mentioned, I spend every Wednesday at Mickey's Tavern surrounded by a lovely group of intelligent, hilarious, and outspoken knitters. Last week, Elysha arrived with an adorable finished project: a sheep and a cow for her niece (what a perfect Wisconsin-esque gift!). While Elysha worked on knitting a little barn to put them in, I snapped a photo of these precious dairy-licious fellows:

Cute, huh?
While Helena suggested using a Mickey's menu as the backdrop for this photo, I wound up using Jane's bag from Mr. Yarn. "Knitters gonna knit" seemed a bit more suitable than "Good food", though I suppose either would have worked. Regardless of the backdrop, I'd say these little creatures possess a moo-worthy cuteness.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cheese, fireworks, and gifts!

On my way to Chicago for the weekend, I made a pit stop in Beloit, Wisconsin. I was amused to see this roadside store:

Cheese, fireworks, and gifts! What more could a person need?
If I ever need to buy cheese, fireworks, and gifts at the same time, I will know exactly where to go. Fabulous.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday night lights: Olin Park!

On our way back from late night knitting at The Sow's Ear in Verona, my friends and I decided to go for a drive through Olin Park to see the Holiday Fantasy in Lights. I'm a nice Jewish girl, but who doesn't love pretty lights? Each display is sponsored by a business and it's free to drive through and enjoy.

My favorite light display was the ice skaters, for obvious reasons.
While this doesn't compare to McAdenville, North Carolina (officially known as "Christmastown USA"), this was a lovely start to my weekend.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November poll results are in...

Poll results proved to be nearly unanimous:

The ongoing question: butter or margarine?
Butter! 13 votes
Both are delicious! 2 votes
Margarine! 1 vote
I couldn't care less. 1 vote

Looks like almost everyone loves their butter! For the love of beer, check out the December poll on the left!