Monday, September 23, 2013

Fluffy things and pretty colors: Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival.

My first year in Wisconsin, I had a blast at the 2011 Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. Last year, I missed the event in favor of a Madonna concert in NYC with one of my best friends (let's face it, Madonna always trumps sheep). Given that it had been two years since my last Sheep & Wool, I was really craving some sheep time.

I went to this year's event with two goals:
1. Hold an angora rabbit.
2. Don't buy yarn.
I'm on a yarn diet right now. Urban dictionary says this happens when crafters go broke, but in my case, what happened was a hiatus from knitting due to fractured trapezium, thus causing my yarn stash to take up space and not get used.

Surprisingly enough, I accomplished both goals!

1. I met an angora rabbit:

He didn't have a name. Let's go with the obvious... Fluffy it is!
2. I didn't buy any yarn. I "showed good use of restraint," to quote one of my favorite college design professors. But... I did buy soap:

Mint Medley from Heaven Sent Home Spun, who came all the way from Gerald, Missouri for the big event.
Now, to the sheep! This year, I sat in the bleachers and watched a sheep show (think American Kennel Club for sheep), where judges were awarding ribbons for the best in show.

All lined up and ready for the judge.
I also wandered through the barn and made some adorable new friends, big and small:

But Sheep & Wool isn't all about the sheep...

It's also about kitsch (like this fab sock monkey and ram duo).
And of course, YARN! I opted to focus my photos on rainbow hues. Just so pretty:

And of course, there was a Wisconsin touch:

Green Bay Packers yarn, anyone?
Fluffy things and pretty colors: a perfect day for an animal-loving craft addict like myself.

For my report on the 2011 Sheep & Wool Festival, click here.