Saturday, July 9, 2011

Art fairs on (and off) the square.

At knitting group, I found out that the annual Art Fair On The Square was happening downtown. While I'm not much of an art buff, it sounded like a fun (and free) opportunity to check out a wide variety of art.

I ventured out to the square and enjoyed browsing the entire fair.

John Petrey is an artist who focuses on themed dress sculptures made from a variety of materials. Here are two of my favorite pieces from his display:

Playing card-themed dress sculpture.
Dress sculpture made from 1960's shoe tags.
An artist with a lot of visitors at the fair was Michael Gard. Michael makes wire sculptures, focusing on human forms. Here are some of my favorite pieces from his display:

When I told my coworker Erika that I was going to the fair, she recommended that I also visit Art Fair Off The Square, located right off Capitol Square. Art Fair Off The Square focuses specifically on local artists. I explored this fair as well, which featured a stilt walker, food vendors, and many artists.

My favorite display at this part of the fair was Jim Sauer's sculpture exhibit, which featured funky anthropomorphic animals:

A frog on a laptop, of course!
Mama and baby kangaroos playing a tuba!
Days like this reassure me that I was right to live downtown. I wanted to be near the action and excitement. Today, the fun was 2 blocks from home. 


  1. Tuba not saxophone :)

  2. Whoa... that totally IS a tuba! Will edit this now.