Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holy cow: escape to Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Yesterday, I took a mini road trip to Green Lake, Wisconsin to have brunch with my good friend Francie, who was spending the weekend at the Heidel House for a wedding. Green Lake is a little town about an hour and a half away from Madison. As far as I could tell, they have one gas station, one doctor's office, and an abundance of cows: country living at its finest.

On the drive back to Madison, I decided to document the highlights from my trip:

The town is called Green Lake for a reason: the huge, beautiful lake. A few people were boating and fishing, enjoying the nice weather.
I found some happy cows hanging out in a corral, grazing and enjoying a lazy weekend. They were happy to smile for a photo.
Cows enjoy sunbathing. Who would have thought?
I ate M&M pancakes with a good friend, plus I got my daily dose of cow. Perfect Saturday.

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