Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unusual things I've seen in Madison: part 1 of many to come.

As I have clearly expressed on this blog, Madison is (to say the least) an interesting place to live. Erika says it best: "My city is too vibrant!" And she's right! Where else in the world is one going to find a motel attached to a laundromat attached to a Chinese buffet attached to a bowling alley. Yes, this really exists on East Washington Avenue in Madison (why separate these four useful things when they can just be connected, right?).

Here are a couple of interesting sightings that I have experienced in Madison:

Sighting #1: The drugs building (I don't know what else to call it):

At the corner of Baldwin Street and E. Johnson Street, this looks like a nice place to buy some drugs, right?
After driving by the other side at a later date, I discovered that it was in fact a pharmacy. Still, I applaud their tile art.

Sighting #2: 866-Get-A-Cow:

Outside a laundromat on East Washington Avenue, this advertisement really speaks for itself.
Every time I drive past this, I laugh. I applaud 866-Get-A-Cow for their advertising. This is in fact a promotion to rent a "container on wheels" (acronym: C.O.W.), but the container itself appears to be advertising the rental of an actual cow. And hey, it got me to their website, which I never would have visited if it weren't for this lovely cow (yup, she is wearing lipstick in the cartoon).

What can I say? Never a dull moment.


  1. That Pharmacy photo would be GREAT on Faces in Places!

  2. Whoa! I totally see the face. Added it!