Saturday, April 21, 2012

To market, to market: opening day (with a side of custard).

In Madison, the third Saturday in April means opening day at the Dane County Farmers' Market. Wisconsinites gather on the square to welcome the return of the downtown market. Today's hot item: morel mushrooms, some for over $30/pound!

Kat, Mackenzie, and I braved the crowds and perused the market, where I was thrilled to get a great photo of "Piccolo Guy" (aka "Orange Guy"):

According to Mackenzie, he's a proud nudist when he's not donning his orange garb.
The piccolo was a lovely soundtrack to the market, which was peppered with the usual mix of young, old, political activists, and hipsters.

My loot from the market: R.P.'s pasta and some lovely potatoes.
After brunch at Marigold Kitchen, Kat and I went to the East Side Club for the Vintage Flea and Finds market. I purchased three vintage bangles for $2: score! We then decided to meet up with Anne at Michael's Frozen Custard for my first ever custard indulgence.

Creamy frozen goodness!
After a busy morning, it's nice to be home sweet home. My little girl is purring away:

Phoebe feels right at home in Wisconsin!


  1. The piccolo guy is extremely talented - I love to listen to him play while I eat my lunch on the Library Mall!

    1. I hope you are not looking forward to any more of that in the future. Those who refuse to refer to him as Tom Ryan have driven him away.