Monday, August 13, 2012

Beware the ides of March: Shakespeare on a field!

First, let's start this post with a deja vu: apologies for the major delay. Moving is exhausting, but I'm finally settled. And now, Shakespeare:

At the end of July, I attended the Madison Shakespeare Company's performance of Julius Caesar at Breese Stevens Field. Yup, that's right, a bring-your-own-chair Shakespeare production on a baseball field on a Thursday night. Only in Madison.

In addition to chairs, Amie, Erika, Jason, and I brought a smorgasbord of snacks to the event. What better way to enjoy Shakespeare than noshing outdoors?

I wasn't familiar with the play, so it took me a while to follow the story. Not only did I become acquainted with a classic, but I also learned a very important lesson: when Joni Mitchell said she was "as constant as a northern star," she was referencing Shakespeare. Go figure.

I forgot to bring my camera, so I did the best I could photography-wise using my iPhone and sitting behind an inconvenient gate. Note my favorite character below, whom I came to know as "man with hunchback and eyepatch." 

Kneeling before Caesar.
Killing Caesar.

"Man with hunchback and eyepatch."
The ghost of Caesar.

Sword fight!
Sword fight! 
Taking a bow.
Perfect weather, snacks, and Shakespeare: a lovely Thursday evening.

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