Saturday, May 25, 2013

Milwaukee day trip, and how I met a camel in Wisconsin

Last Saturday, Elysha and I took baby Clementine on a day trip to Milwaukee.

First, we stopped at Cafe Hollander for brunch with my college pal, Mary. It was delicious!

And no, Clementine was not the smallest one in our group: we also brought George, a traveling gnome from, who was spending some time with Elysha and on his way to Iowa:

George hangs out in Clementine's pocket at the restaurant.
Next stop, the Milwaukee Zoo, where we met a variety of animals:

Cows (of course)!
And my favorite: Lippy the camel. He was happy to pose for some photos.
The sea lion show was adorable:

When we were about to leave, we were privileged enough to witness a peacock mating ritual (unfortunately, this stud was turned down by his lady friend, but we applaud his efforts):
"Look at my feathers! I'm so handsome!"
"Even from behind, I'm still handsome!"
Oh, and I found a cow to pose with (surprise, surprise):

All in all, a nice day outside of Madison. Clementine loved the birds!

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