Monday, March 19, 2012

No need to be sheepish: lamb season has arrived!

The locals keep telling me that I still haven't experienced a real Wisconsin winter, and I'm content with this. Spring is already here, and at certain times, Madison has even been slightly warmer than my hometown of Charlotte, NC. Spring is my namesake (Aviva translates to "springtime girl") and by far my favorite season: a blend of rain, sun, flowers, and in Wisconsin: newborn livestock.

The A-Z Farm in Oregon, WI welcomes their spring lambs by inviting guests to come in for a meet-and-greet. Yesterday, I joined Scott, Elysha, and Abby for a trip to meet these adorable little fellas, as well as some other barnyard friends.

Chickens hanging out in their coop.

Piglets having lunch.

A male turkey showing off for the female turkeys (a handsome fella).
We walked up to a little coop filled with baby chickens, and much to my delight, one of the farmers let me hold one:

Look how tiny!
Then, we arrived at the main event: the lamb barn. The lambs were abundant, friendly, and greeting us with loud "baaaahs":

Spring lamb scoreboard.

Petting time for this little lamb.

My buddy Abby enjoyed making friends with the lambs.
She left the barn with a stuffed sheep that she appropriately named Baba.
Just a few fluffy pals hanging out.

Having some lunch!

The black sheep of the family.

Oh, the cuteness.

Sleepy time!
Before we headed out of the barn, we stopped by the Bee Barf Honey booth to sample some Oregon-made honey. Great name, huh? I couldn't resist and left with a little treat:

Looking forward to stirring these honey straws into my tea!
The perfect end to our Oregon excursion was a trip to the little downtown area for some lunch at DeBroux's Diner. Abby enjoyed their "gorilla cheese." It wouldn't have been a true Wisconsin adventure without a little cheese.

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