Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A wise lunch at The Green Owl Cafe.

I have lived in Madison for just under two years, and The Green Owl Cafe was one of the first places I fell in love with, for many reasons. It's Madison's only vegetarian restaurant, so as a veggie myself, I was immediately drawn to the place. Their menu is full of interesting concoctions and their desserts are out of this world (ahem, chocolate lava cake, anyone?).

Last Saturday, I met up with the Jones family (Scott, Elysha, Abby, and Clementine) and Cory for some vegetarian goodness. I was the first one there and feeling a bit sleepy, so I started off with a nice French press coffee.

A great way to perk up on a Saturday.
True to their name, the restaurant is decorated with trees and owls, and their kiddie cups are owl-shaped. Abby just turned four, and even though she just got a big girl bed, she still enjoys a good kiddie cup.

Abby just loves her owl cup! 
Alright, one more. It's cuteness holding cuteness.
And now, for the food! The Green Owl Cafe uses soy, tempeh, fruit, and other substitutes to create unique dishes in the style of classic meat-eater meals. They have many vegan options, and they can convert most of their vegetarian dishes into vegan dishes.

My personal favorite on their menu is the TLT with avocado (that's tempeh, lettuce, and tomato), but I decided to try something new: the BBQ jackfruit. The jackfruit is simmered in barbecue sauce to create a vegan alternative to a pulled pork sandwich.

I opted for the side salad and caesar dressing. Everything was lovely!
I forgot to take a picture of Cory's Bloody Mary, which would have been a nice shot as well. Oh, and baby Clementine totally should have been photographed (she was pretty busy snuggling).

And for any bikers who may be reading this: bring your helmet and Bicycle Benefits sticker in to The Green Owl Cafe on a Sunday for a free drink (oh, and I recommend the mimosas).

Good old vegetarian fun at one of my favorite places in town? A perfect start to a weekend.

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