Sunday, June 17, 2012

Unusual things I've seen in Madison: part 2 of many to come.

As promised, I am continuing my serious of photos that document unusual things seen in Madison.

Click here for my first "unusual things" post.

Sighting #3: Melvin, the world's only wacky wheeler. Spotted in Oregon, WI.

What can I say? Melvin is proud of his wheels, and he'd like you to call him about it.

Sighting #4: Cops on horses. Spotted at E. Washington Ave. & Milwaukee St.

My friend Elysha could not stop cracking up when the cops on horses crossed a busy, car-filled street.

Sighting #5: World Naked Bike Ride. Spotted on S. Park St.

On my way to meet friends for lunch yesterday, traffic became quite congested when the naked bikers came through. Click here for more information about the ride.
A fascinating place to live, indeed.


  1. I didn't know cops on horses is unusual! They are fairly common in Toronto, especially for large events where the cops need to see above crowds. They often take the horses on "training walks" around the University campus in TO (in the bike lanes), so that they can get used to car traffic.

    1. Elysha and I were cracking up! To us, this is very strange.

  2. The wacky wheeler is a cycropian-friend, and the apparatus is called the German wheel. There was a German wheel piece in the wild rumpus circus you saw in January.